Hooper Weekly Equity Model Sample

The Hooper Weekly Equity Model bridges the gap between very short-term market letters and long-term market models. The Hooper Weekly Equity model focuses on the swing-trading time-frame several days to several weeks, which is a more difficult time-frame to master.

The Hooper Weekly Model works identical to the Daily, except that model recalculations are only made on Friday end-of-week rather than end-of-day.

The Green Arrow points to the Buy Level and Red Arrow Sell Level. These levels point out the path the least resistance and are the prime-entry areas with defined risk. The first objective is labeled F.O. where partial profits should always be taken for shorter term traders. The secondary objective is termed R.O.for recalculate objective. The pattern remains in force until the R.O. level is achieved either on the bearish objective or bullish objective.

Below is an online Excel applet that can be expanded (lowermost right hand side button) or downloaded by clicking on the Excel icon. The format is linear vs the example above.

When prices are above the buy point, pullbacks to trend support can be bought. Conversely when prices are below the sell point rallies can be sold.

IMPORTANT: Once a buy/sell signal is triggered, executing that signal between the buy or sell trigger price and the mid-point with stop at opposite trigger is the prime objective. More about the Hooper model here: Hooper 101

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