Hooper 101-The Model Explained



Hooper is a mathematical risk model

It's a tool that allows a user to interact with the market at defined times and most importantly, with defined risk. The distribution left, right, & the middle value of the box is the active window, or what refer affectionately as the "trap & gap". Personal discretion can be added or subtracted but the model chooses exact numbers. In the S&P example- Hooper “likes” the market between 1407.16 and 1405.33  with a stop below 1402.16. Unlike charts or pattern recognition, this is defined risk. First objectives (F.O.) from bullish or bearish entries are 1 number above and below the middle value. Expect support and resistance at these F.O. levels and are ideal places to take partial profits.

The numbers adjacent to the arrows, listed as "Buy" or "Sell" on the service, are the levels of the bullish and bearish point of control. Movements through these levels change the pattern from long or short from the previous pattern. The second number up and down are the objectives. Trades may be closed and new numbers will be generated after the close to adjust stops if held when the “R.O.” number is touched or exceeded in the session.

The tool ALWAYS has a defined stop point but allows a trader to modify personal risk management around the figures.

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