Hooper Quant Futures Model Sample

The Hooper Quantitiative Futures Model covers S&P, Nasdaq & Dow Jones Index Futures, US Treasury Complex, Globex Currencies and Forex Spot Currencies. Below is an online Excel applet that can be expanded (lowermost right hand side button) or downloaded by clicking on the Excel icon.


IMPORTANT: Once a buy/sell signal is triggered, executing that signal between the trigger price and the mid-point with stop at opposite trigger is the prime objective. More about the Hooper model here: Hooper 101

4 thoughts on “Hooper Quant Futures Model Sample


    i’d like to run a short analysis on your historical signals, can i obtain these, in however crude a format (and for a small segment of time)? and then I’ll sign up for the fx+bond model. I also want to check that the Hooper system does not correlate with my short-run momentum-capture models. Thx

    1. tradingpoints Post author

      I think you can do an effective cross-sample of the Equity Model or Futures from what we’ve posted here that’s about 150 or so to play with. But I will not have historical samples up for a while. My suggestion is to look at the DAX for a while and see if works for you in real time – until i put up some historical samples on the weekly model.


    Can I access a study of signal performance metrics for a reasonable period of time ?
    I run mathematical investment models for US securities but would be interested in signals for Currencies and Bonds. Is there an abridged service that you offer? Do you commit your own capital to this program? Thanks

    1. tradingpoints Post author

      We do commit out own capital towards these singals most definitely. If you are asking about Sharpe and Sortino ratios, no i don’t have them for the daily but may post some for the weekly equities. The reason is this is a mechanical model which has all the advantages of being completely impartial, but also carries the weakness inherent in any mechanical endeavor.

      There is no abridged service. We offer the equity model which covers 150 securities and the premium model which covers everything including futures & currencies.

      The DAX is free and we offer that up as proof of concept. Hope that helps.


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