Here It Is

The somewhat late but always delivered 2018 Commencement Address from the Dog:

Congraduations Graduates ! My classmates and I stepped out into an economy with 9.6% Unemployment and 3.25% inflation (the real stuff not the pro-cyclical, exclude everything going up stuff). You are taking the great leap into about 2.8% inflation and 3.8% unemployment. If you want to work, you can. Not true for us, and I was interviewed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer about what I called "optimistic under-employment" with my shiny new Economics degree.

What "we" proceeded to do was deliver the largest and longest economic advance in history and the promulgation of free democracies around the world. No pressure. I'm sure that Women's Latino Communications Studies degree is worth every 4% student loan you have against it.

Cycles are cycles; and you - nor us - had any input on when we dropped on the Blue Marble. But I would caution that the gloaming of 1983 may well have been a better timed real world entry point than the joyous present. Here's the unasked for advice of one former interest rate practitioner turned grape stomper:

The rest of your life will be distilled down to 2 things: Work and Love (your interaction with people around you). Everything else is drama. Get on a team and try and bring it home for the big win. Stop tattooing and piercing and altering your bodies, its just The Mullet without an out. Get out of your phone. If your closest relationship is with a 2 inch by 4 inch device, you picked the wrong device.

Bring something to the table. As an employer, I can tell you I want candidates that can buy into the Mission and Execute. Your time for strategic thinking is years away. So, welcome graduates of 2018. We may have created the financial bombs that destroyed the world, but at least a few of us stuck around to try and fix it. What world will you be passing on 35 years hence?

I take back what I said about, "No pressure." The pressure is ON and it's not going away.

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