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From the Dog 2016 Debates:

Last night the would-be Republican nominee for President referred to the economy with the same adjectives he used to describe entertainment footnote Rosie O'Donnell. "Big, fat, ugly bubble, " was how Mr. Trump analyzed the state of the US economy, throwing in a few innuendo laden half sentences about Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Nothing unifies the populist movement like Fed bashing.

Always short on details, Mr. Trump then let the armchair conspiracy theorists (having already outed the obese, bedridden, hacker crowd) fill in the gaps by chastising both low interest rates and the consequences of raising them. Surprisingly, neither candidate laid out even a HS sophomore's argument on the optically creepy and monetarily sketchy practices of IOER and QE bond buying regimes.

Hey, tariffs ! let's do that too.

There was an old X-Files episode where a dude who could really see the future would kill the TV fortune tellers and right before he offed them would say, "You should have seen it coming."

Classic stuff and always reminded me of traders. So the Admin elected to mix up a big pot of tax cuts and trade tariffs into the Fed's rising rates and the self proclaimed "Rosie O'Donnell Economy." It's all so painfully obvious, you really should  see it coming.

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