Seriously, WTF is going on?

An old mentor of mine - Gary Bialis - used to say to me, "Kevin, in a bull market EVERYTHING goes right, and the opposite."

A quick recap: The soul of conservative movement - free markets and free men - is sold out for a tax cut during a well established up cycle. 12 years of deeply flawed "deficit hawk, balanced budget, Tea Party, sequester, wealth chasm inducing vitriol" is thrown overboard. An obviously dangerously inept President sends his entire spineless Party leadership into hiding. Foreign leaders (and domestic ) are publicly bullied by said Moron in Chief. The G-7 is essentially gutted. Our allies are insulted and confused, not just by our Jethro Bodeen without the kindness POTUS but by the voting American decision. And to top it off, we legitimize one of the most dangerous and cruel leaders in the world!

My father fired the first shot in the Korean War. He's spinning in his grave.

Warren Rudman once dressed down Ollie North about Iran-Contra (GIK) saying, "The Constitution gives the people of America the RIGHT to be incredibly WRONG about things."

What he didn't have to say was that means there are incredible CONSEQUENCES to that freedom. The Bull Market lets/makes everything go/seem right -- and the opposite ! When the market turns down a lot more than your Fidelity statement is going bad.

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