Avec Tony

It was difficult to muster a caring market focus on Friday, when woken to the news about Anthony Bourdain. The NASDAQ tagged a downside pattern and recalculates Sunday. I first got into Tony's writing on a plane to St John with my family. They had given me copy of A Cook's Tour for the trip. I knew of Kitchen Confidential but never read it. I've re-watched the documentary version of A Cook's Tour many times since and the constant development of Tony's voice into this season's Parts Unknown is remarkable. It's hard to change, it's even harder to get better doing it.

Trading pushes a person to follow a similar arc. You can be arrogant and lucky young (box checked), you can see how your passions effect others as you mature (check) and you can try and be a better person from the knowledge (workin' on it). My musings here and my periodic "Merc Stories" are inspired by Tony's ability to connect to something bigger than the food in front of you or the trade just initiated. My move into wine is a consequence of spending most of my adult life messing around with ethereal things like fixed for floating. Grapes are tactile, soil is real, wine is magic.

My take away from this tragedy is knowing Tony at 61 - dark demons and all - was a better version of himself than 30 years ago. It's hard to change. It's even harder to change for the better. Sometimes, it fails. You have to keep trying. Sound like trading?

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