A Man in Full

In a near perfect moment of tribute, Hooper clanked down a cluster of short moves in the T complex today. This morning we learned of the passing of Tom Wolfe, 80's zeitgeist bond market chronicler and real life BSD. Since its publication in 1987, the bond market has essentially gone UP. The biggest artifact tossed on the bonfire was us, bond guys who like to sell stuff.

If written today, Wolfe's story would most likely center on some socially awkward tech billionaire selling your personal data to foreign governments. But, back in the hey-day, the world turned on the Bond Boy's axis. The great trading houses traded FI and the greatest traders navigated the short side with positions gargantuan for the time (and puny by today's standards).

Godspeed Tom Wolfe. Sherman McCoy and Ken Kesey are a part of our DNA thanks to you.

Hooper will re-calibrate tonight and we'll get back to selling again tomorrow.


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