Instead- Some Wine

I was going to get all Hunter S on the present sitch in my usual half sotted way then decided to pass. As long time readers know I'm a big Thanksgiving fan and have promulgated the reading of the pre-Holiday OP-Eds in the WSJ. My children have had to listen to them for decades. And so I defer my thoughts to the incredibly awesome notes of the folks from Delfshaven and the Wed WSJ tradition - and instead suggest some wines for the feast.

I never understood 100 malo Chardonnay with a well crafted Thanksgiving but if that's your thing I suggest a Rombauer or Best Value - Novellum from France. (about 30.00 and about 9.00)

In Pinot Noir, I've been swilling Jim Clendenen's ABC Knox Alexander. let it open hours in advance. Calera is very well made in the 25.00 range.

Since Cab is still King - ya, you can drink cab with game meats, sage, pork dressings and fried sprouts - go Ghost Pines 2012 magnums. The wine I'm most excited about is Dave Phinney's Mercury Head - forget the Prisoner, its been over long before Hill. If you want a Meritage (like heritage so lose the phony frog accent) go The Pairing by Jonata at around 25.00, insanely good.

For the adventurous, go 2014 La Pierre Morgon - an incredible Gamay and forget the nouveau juice to be released on Thursday.

Finally, since you all did so well long the TLT, Paul Hobbs To Kalon is life altering at a mere 425.00 a bottle.

Blot out the news, boycott Black Friday, enjoy the real Holiday and please  - read the WSj op/ed on the Wed before.


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