The End of Reason

The most important event of the week involved neither the FBI or Billy Bush. The Bundy case was ended with a stunning unanimous "Not Guilty" verdict. It is important to remember that verdicts are rendered as to the charges and not necessarily the realities. The results can be summed up like this:

A militant, armed militia group took over a Federal Game Land, occupied it for an extended period of time, made it dangerous for the workers to go to their jobs and recruited hundreds of armed civilians from across the country to come help them - but committed no crime and were merely exercising their Constitutional rights..

Americans, on both sides of the aisle have deeply twisted the concepts of "rights" and "privileges." Rights cannot be revoked but still carry consequences when acted out. Privileges are granted and revoked in regular process. Essentially, a militant group could now over take a Federal building and have precedent as to its legality. Understandably, the charge of "Conspiracy" played directly into the verdict and the conspiratorial Pynchon mindset of the public. The defendants were known to be followers of fringe fanatic groups such as The Oath Keepers, The Tenther Movement and The Praetorian Guards.

Trump's rhetoric and Clinton's resume play into the militant response "rights" narrative. These groups and their views will be emboldened not just by the jury verdict but by both/either a Trump victory or defeat. Emotion precedes the end of reason.

As the great Sen. Warren Rudman said of Ollie North's Iran/Contra scheming, "The Constitution gives the American people the right to be wrong about things." And that right has consequences.

2 thoughts on “The End of Reason

  1. mike

    8 years of a lawless President will do that to a country. We have the most blatantly political DOJ since Nixon, unprecedented use of the IRS to censor and harass conservatives, a govt. that uses fines and charges to fund left wing get out the vote campaigns. A media that has fed and celebrated the O cult rather than questioning and holding people to account (you “can’t tell the public” how they gave 1.7 billion in f*ing cash to Iran, oh really).

    And on, and on.

    The Obama presidency and it’s lack of consequences has emboldened liberals to do whatever the hell they want, legal or not. We have the state’s largest school district (Portland public) banning books, and illegals get free tuition while middle class folks who have worked their ass off to get their kid to college get tons of debt. My state and this country are too much like a third world banana republic, with no consequences except for the peeps.

    Bundy and his group were way, way off base but as a resident of Oregon, if they’d invaded our capital of Salem they’d have a statue on my lawn.

    Trump is a symptom not a movement. People are tired of being pushed. Expecting anything else but somebody pushing back was at a minimum, naive. I’ve lived my whole life respecting the rule of law and believed that our institutions, while always needing to be held accountable, should be used well . The last 8 years has taught me that those days are gone, and they’re not likely coming back.


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