We’re All Rooting For You

My dog opined about the TLT back on Sept 15. after 10 points of downside in the Ultra Bond contract. As markets tend to do, the bond then rallied into the end of the quarter aided by some D-Bank FTQ. But, low and behold, despite moderate data and continued international issues...The UB is back to making new lows and hasn't had an up day in Oct.

We are just glad no one is getting hurt, as always.

One thought on “We’re All Rooting For You

  1. LWM

    The sound of silence … TLT Oct-27 NAV change -1.1% with a Y-Y div yield of 2.27% .. yes its a horror show and the CB’ rs havent really pulled the trigger yet, right ? yes, no, maybe ? But TLT is so liquid …. where are those 2x and 3x products when u need them ?

    keep it coming Kevin; much appreciated


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