The Other Exit

Star Wars creator, and Chicago political player Melody Hobson's husband, George Lucas exited Chicago and returned to the Left Coast on Friday. The "Friends of the Parks" group, which has done some good protecting Burnham's vision, had tied Lucas up in the courts over a parking lot. The billions of dollars lost in this populist battle could have fixed the air-port flaw in the Death Star and returned the Big Onion to the world stage.

Chicago, as is its host State, is in a monetary crisis. That a Lucas-sized construction and tourist project could be lost faster than the Millennium Falcon can do the Kessel Run is astounding. That the job couldn't articulate its way through the Machine is testimony to Rahm's inabilities. Daley would have "got her done." So, take a spin southbound on LSD and enjoy the view of crumbling asphalt and wasted space, hum the Star Wars theme and imagine what might have been...a long time ago in a city far far away.

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