Parts Known

Anthony Bourdain has finally found a proper home for his muse with the  "Parts Unkown" series on CNN. The CHICAGO edition is not to be missed and I've watched it multiple times already. The connecting of people, neighborhoods and legend through alchohol and food has never been more educational.

The glaring ommission of the Chicago episode is the Pits. Long gone from significance, they were once the Petri Dishes of Chicago's finest, strangest, brightest and most twisted minds. Whether eating chicken fried steak at Riccobeni's with Steve Albini or drinking at 2:30pm at Old Towne Ale House, the episode's missing "jag-offs" were the Merc's and CBOT's finest. I (I am proud to say) was one of them. The Big Onion will never be same.

I, like many (most) of my brothers in arms, have moved on to new adventures. The city's shoulders, still broad, are clearly hunching over. And yet, in the bars, comedy clubs and eateries the characters keep turning up. Good on ya, Chicago. And good on Tony Bourdain for doing it right.


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