You Can’t Holler Down My Rain Barrel

I don't wanna play in your yard

I don't like you anymore

You'll be sorry when you see me

Sliding down your cellar door

Sung by Peggy  Lee Written by Philip Wingate

I enjoyed an Anderson Valley single vineyard Pinot Noir with the Democratic Town Hall and couldn't get this classic tune out of my head. I must confess the song is embedded in my memory by Warren Beaty's incredible cinematic adaptation of John Reed, REDS.

Clearly, Bernie Sanders has never seen the flic. Inter-cut amongst the rallying revolutionaries are close up direct-to-cameras of people who knew and associated with the real characters. (The inclusion of Jerzy Kosinski, a personal hero, as a cast member was mind altering.) The populist rhetoric of Sanders echos the brave, naive hopes of Socialist "revolutions" of far greater magnitude than his. Trump creates a straw -man neo-facist counterpart to stir the progressive socialist mirage.

Watch the film. Observe the slow dissent into chaos that socialist good intentions wrought, while enjoying stellar performances by Jack Nicholson (Eugene O'Neil), Maureen Stapleton (Emma Goldman (GIK) and even George Plimpton ! (Ya GIK!) We have an historic footprint of what happens to counties that find themselves slipping toward the false hope of Socialism. And yet.... That our young and "college educated" could embrace such a failed concept should shake my generation to its core.

We "paid back" the Greatest Generation (the one that fought back against the consequences of John Reed's failures) with the longest, strongest economic expansion in modern time. The growth focus delivered more to the world than any grand social justice plan. Presently, the US is being awarded a window of opportunity to issue long term and alter the course of history. We learn from others' mistakes or doom ourselves to their failings.

I don't want to play in your yard - I don't like you anymore !

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