Bud Collins

The tennis world and sports writing lost a giant yesterday with the passing of Bud Collins. Boston-ites were lucky to have Bud reporting on sports and sports legends well beyond the tennis lines. But the tennis boom of the 70's was ignited by the likes of B.C.

The trading world needs (needed) a documenter of "our sport" the way tennis had the madras panted Collins. He combined genius wordsmithing with vast historical knowledge to bring each event he covered to life. No event benfited more than the live broadcast of The Championships at Wimbledon. Bud, and co-conspirator Donald Dell, convinced NBC exec Don Ohlmeyer to do "Breakfast at Wimbledon." Knowing that the All England Club started precisely on time, the 3 prodded one of the players to slow down in the locker room to allow for the "hard break" at the hour's top. The tradition was born and is now embedded in July 4th celebrations across the country.

Any tennis fan of even moderate degree came to know the likes of Laver and net judge Fingers Fortesque because of Bud's energy and quit wit. I was pleased to see the wonderful memory Jason Gay wrote in today's WSJ. Tennis is better because Bud was a part of it. The trading game would benefit from an eccentric, enthusiastic historiographer like Bud Collins. Well played, sir.

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