S&P Future

Spoos hit the Hooper downside target this morning and a new pattern will generate tonight. The pundocracy is filling the airwaves with the usual litany of explanations:

  1. China slowing
  2. Oil
  3. The Fed
  4. Europe
  5. All of the above. The real reason was on display yesterday afternoon in a massive spectacle of the inane, called  Super Bowl Commercials. Shorting Spoos while watching the jaw- droppingly awful display of advertisements was quite easy. How many brain dead executives were in the room when the moronic pitch for "Puppy-Monkey-Baby was made? Was no one willing to activate enough grey matter to mumble, "I don't get it?" Let alone the more appropriate, "Are you 'effing' kidding me? Get out of my office?" In an economy based on Millenials riding in other people's cars and sleeping on stranger's couches, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. But Puppy-Monkey-Baby? The spokes-thingy for a caffeinated soda? There's 3 reasons why Spoos tanked today: Puppy. Monkey. Baby.

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