Merc Stories Chptr 4

Pit brokerage was falling like a rock. At Dean Witter we were still paying $1.25 a car when most clearing firms had already cut to 90 cents. I was told by the suits to go to a buck. When I told my 2nd option broker I had to cut, a guy I had already made a millionaire, he said he would not fill it. I was disappointed, to say the least.( I would soon learn many broker groups had been "rebating" 25 cents back to the execution teams for quite some time - sound familiar?)

A young guy on the pit knew the kind of business I threw in and  asked if they could have the order flow. The broker he worked for was not the greatest but the kid showed some moxy and I said, "Let's do it." In the subsequent weeks, he would hang out at my desk during slow times getting to know me. The guy mentioned he could name any actress that had appeared nude in a movie and the scene. Now this was a Merc talent ! I would put him on direct lines with customers and they would grill him with names. He was amazing !

So, other guys in the pit began to hear about his "hobby" and some radio gigs were booked. He did Steve Dahl and Kevin Matthews and that led to a spot on Letterman. He would wear a bag on his head and went under the alias Mr. Skin. He took some backing from some other pit guys and built a porn site empire worth millions. The Tv appearance was seen by Judd Apatow and he became the inspiration for the slacker in "Knocked Up." The clerk walked the red carpet at the opening !

It all started in the 2nd option of the Eurodollars.

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