Merc Stories chapter 3

I can say with confidence that everything you are about to read transpired. BTaubz knows the story, and I tell it today in his honor.

Oct 15, 2009 the SP was 1096. The prior 2 months had been violent down and up swings. Man Financial had built out a huge trading floor for about a half dozen various groups. Someone had over ordered 40 inch flat screen TVs and rather than leave in boxes, they were hung on all available wall space, everywhere. Many were side by side like the back wall of Best Buy.

Suddenly, in the midst of a decent rally, all the screens flashed to a report of a UFO flying outside Fort Collins, Co. The 20+ screens filled the room with images of a silvery object flying over the Colorado landscape. Never one to miss an opportunity to clown around, i stood up at my station and yelled, "ALIEN INVASION."

Now 2 banks of screens down from us was a group of SP traders that arb-ed around fills in the pit Spoo with the screen. They were a hilarious bunch of guys that were constantly screaming and swearing at each other, but would stop over to get our opinion a couple times a week. So, as soon as I yell "alien invasion" the guy barks into his headset, "Sell 50!" And he hits 50 lots in the big SP contract. Without missing a beat, and with the rest of the room watching what would turn out to be the Balloon Boy hoax all over the room, he turns around to me - in complete seriousness  - and asks : "Alien invasion, that's bearish right Kev?"

A classic.

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