The Vine

Here's a trash-up of today's biz headlines:

Cargill to shutter Black River commodities unit. Here's a better idea, trade from the short side.

$200 B in student loans up for possible refi: Your inability to pay isn't based on the 85k you dropped on your Masters of Latino Women's Studies degree, its the interest rate !

Soda Stream profit down by 2/3: Shocked making your own pop isn't working out, so of course Keurig wants in on it.

DB missing e-chats - LIBOR settlement in flux : The biggest financial scam in history still unfolding? Nothing to see, move along please. Hey there's Bruce Jenner in a dress!

WSJ Op-Ed page compares 3 expansions: Spoiler Alert, this one's the weakest. Unmentioned? The other 2 cover the 2 greatest credit expansions since the Industrial Revolution.

Don't Get Up Early to Trade Shanghai : Locale qualifier unnecessary.

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