"Since it costs a lot to win, and even more to lose

You and me bound to spend some time, wondering what to choose."


This week there was a "deal" made with Greece. This week there was a"deal" made with Iran.

The Greek deal was actually worse for the people of Greece than the earlier offer tabled. Essentially, there are now 2 classes of Euros: the first circulates as cash on the Greek streets and everywhere else in the Union. The second, priced at a lower level, sits on Greek bank accounts. Shortly after the time it takes to read the deal, everyone that did realized Greece remained in an unstable and unresolved situation.

The Iran deal is even more spurious. Iran agreed to give up something they did not have and we authorized the world to transfer them $100B. Most likely, the already juiced materials Iran has agreed to give up will be transferred to the Russians for safe keeping. Those would be the Russians, under Vlad Putin, who flew bombers off the coast of Alaska and California over the 4th of July and floated nuclear destroyers into the English Channel.

American business executives are already flooding the Iranian airports in efforts to profit from the opening up. Cuba barely got a day in the Sun. The implications of an economically strong Iran on Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel will be monumentally destabilizing in a region where "stability" is considered the permanence of altercation.

The American response, with its usual lack of gravitas, is to give a "Courage" award to a celebrity-crazed cross dressing former Olympic medal winner.

"....I been gambling hereabouts for 10 good solid years

If I told you all that went down, it would burn of both your ears.

Goes to show you don't ever know, watch each card you play and play 'em slow.

Wait until that deal come round, D"on't you let that deal go down.

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