Pluralitas non

Pluralitas non est potenda sine neccessitate

Get offed by the Black Death and a few hundred years later people will remember what you said, like William of Occam.

Thus 200 years after Occam, Tycho Brahe, benefiting from the highest percentage of GNP ever (still) allocated to scientific research (5%), at the behest of King Frederick II of Denmark, built Uraniborg. Loosely translated as Castle of the Heavens, Tycho over saw an observatory research lab of unmatched status.

Less well known was the excessive amounts of alcohol consumption and binge partying that went on at the site. Tycho was usually in the company of a clairvoyant story telling dwarf named Jepp. Brahe's pet elk died from an intoxicated fall down the castle steps.

Why do we bring up this history lesson? To review our now nearly 2 year disdain for the FI market. In case you've been in a coma, We don't like Notes. Like Tycho, we are happy to wait until the rest catch up to our views of the universe rather than adjust to theirs.

So, from the Sun soaked vineyards of the North Bay, and the clairvoyant musings of a gin soaked dwarf named Hooper, we reiterate: When confronted with 2 competing theories, all else equal, the simpler one is more likely correct. Bonds are going down.

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