EURUSD – This Aint That – Updated

This EURUSD chart shows why I think ..11650 is in the cards for the pair.. which coincides with 2005 lows



UPDATE: Jan 15 2015 -> $EURUSD has crashed thru target 11650 on this original post above ..unfortunately ..looks like it will still go further as SNB confirms EURO value is a moving target built on quicksand.. read an idea that the biggest BULL capitulated (SNB) a bottom is near.. well thats creative contrarian thinking..but a bad bet ..imo ..going lower.. and I think this is runaway train.. who knows the value.. or what other CB's step in to slow it down ..and how or when.. but certainly this EURO is mispriced until the political situation.. then the economics are worked out with more than guess work.

bein groovyeuwkly



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