AUDUSD Daily – Short Long Short

So, Im not convinced the $USD run is over.. I think the Euro looks like BEARS want 11650 area 2005 low imo..we'll see.. although very oversold here.. last two big bottoms 2010 2012 came in summer.. Euro will dictate the dollar bloc and Aud will go with it.. yes we have reached some temporary extremes.. but the run aint done..imo

so here I spitball some ideas as to what AUDUSD may do ..and how she will do it .. the aqua rectangles are levels I think are important to watch.. so this is tricky.. prone to failure but my best guess..

aud daily87

UPDATE -> January 15 2015 Here is $AUDUSD -  2/3 done .. break higher here - then one more short? ..pushing our luck..who cares set your stops off good the game



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