China – The Parallax View

Parallax is the apparent shift in the position of an object due to the observer's vantage point. This New Year's Eve, our New Year, Chinese revelers stampeded in Chen Yi Square, outside The Peace Hotel, in a public park area called The Bund. 36 people have died and hundreds are injured.

The local Chinese community (read: new wealthy) are blaming the stampede on city officials unprepared for the massive crowd and, more importantly, the huge migrant worker population. Over 4.5 million Chinese are believed to be rural migrants moving about the city. How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, now that they've seen Shanghai? Class separation is widening in the Land of the Little Red Book.

The interesting, yet not confirmed, aspect of the carnage was that it started when bags of what appeared to be US Dollar bills were thrown form building windows. I don't see skies of floating Renminbi even causing Taylor Swift to miss a lip-sync if dumped over Times Square. We see a shift coming to China in 2015. The well documented credit charade and physical wealth storage problems will be ancillary events. The Chinese disruption will take place in the Streets.

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