4 Daddy Ho Hi Ho

I grew up in Western Pa. and went to college in eastern Ohio. Since most of the 60's took place in the 70's the Kent State shootings were a huge event. A month after the shootings Neil Young wrote and Crosby, Stills Nash and Young released "Ohio." The lyric spoke to the times: "Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, We're finally on our own. This Summer I heard the drumming, Four dead in Ohio."

One afternoon, riding in a car, a very progressive friend of mine began to sing along with the tune on the radio. We all had a good laugh when he sang the chorus as, "Four Daddy ho hi ho." I was reminded of this while watching the "protests" in the streets of New York and Chicago last night. They are saying the words but they are disconnected from the issues and actual events.

Two years before Kent St., The 1968 Democratic Convention was held in Chicago (another CSNY song) in the wake of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy being assassinated. The Yippies clashed with Chicago's finest in Grant Park and Mayor Daley issued the famous "Shoot to kill" order. The protest chant was "The whole world is watching." The inflation rate was 4.5% on its way to 11%. The unemployment rate was 4% on its way to 7.7%.

I posted 2 opinions since last weekend signaling my bearishness on FI and Equity. The anger may not be the Viet Nam War, MLK and Bobby but the bull market has not lightened the national mood. This is bear market type stuff. Red and Green Eurodollars are getting smashed. The expected narrative is leaking in: "Its good that rates are/going to move up." I've got news for you, it ain't. Four Daddy Ho Hi Ho !

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