Who Said It ?

“The fate of the Federal Reserve can’t depend on the accuracy of the forecasts it makes two years ahead,” he said. Offering up forecasts with greater frequency and details–the Fed now does this on a quarterly basis–simply demonstrates to the public “more frequently the forecasts aren’t that accurate.”

Fed guidance that has at points pointed to calendar-date expectations of rate increases, as well as official guidance that rates will stay very low for a long time to come, are ultimately unproductive, he said. “If you make it precise in terms of interest rates, then the market begins working against you,” and any disconnect between what the Fed promised and what it’s delivering can cause market trouble, he said.

Paul Volcker - Former Fed Chairman at Philly Fed Symposium - via The WSJ

Now go back and look at the Red and Green Pack on Oct 15th. That's exactly what happened. If the Fed wants to increase efficacy it just needs to shut up.


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