Into the Gloaming

Channel surfing the news led to an awful feeling that stretched from Fed policy to geo-politics. Kiev was descending into chaos. An aging rocker was spouting semi-cloaked fascist vitriol at the POTUS. Sam Zell and Tom Perkins flipped the metaphysical bird at 99% of the country. AND... every other station and news program  force fed us mind numbing information about the Kardashians and a video game called Candy Crush.

Into the gloaming, America. We've lost the last important intangible that made us great....gravitas.

One thought on “Into the Gloaming

  1. mike s

    Thank you– We have a country that worships cool instead of smart-“Dear CNBC could not give a crap about what our President tweeted about a netflix show”. And please ease up on Santelli-he is at least explaining the consequences of what could go wrong.


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