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The WSJ Weekend asked the Titans of the Finance Industry what the best advice they'd been given, or gave was. The usual suspects provided a Whitman's Sampler (GIK) of common sense couched in economic over speak. The post is a fun mixture of anecdotes, Sally K-shank vapor and Bill Gross mushroom flashbacks.

Here is my addition: The shape of the yield curve and 6 to 9 months time tells you everything you need to know about the world.

That's it. That is the foundation of all that I have learned after 25 years in the Money Market Pit and almost a decade of trading. The Yield Curve is the puppeteer that pulls the strings and makes all the characters dance. As regular readers know, I've distilled this "knowledge" down to tweetable moments like: Steep is Good.

So there you have it. That's my Best Advice.

3 thoughts on “Best Advice

  1. Lawrence Martin

    Just printed this out for prominent viewing at all times .. many thanks and for all your past advice as well .. Best of the 2014 New Year

  2. vic892

    thanks for your posts i try to learn from it a lot of things that symply i didn’t know.
    what do you mean with the term yield curve ?


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