The Crisis Hunters

The Wall Street Journal prints 2 incredible Thanksgiving op-eds today. I've had my children read them at Thanksgiving Dinner since they were old enough to read. Take the time to check them out. Yesterday, I took a call from a reporter who was desperate to post a story on impending corporate bond market gloom. I just didn't see it.

The economy is quickening a bit but I'm sure the new year will usher in some buyer's remorse. We still see rates moving up. What happened last Spring was a warning shot not a mistake. Someday, markets will decline,it won't have to be a crisis but the machine will hype it as one.

Take a time out from the silly "Black Friday" sales "reports' and soak up the Thanksgiving Spirit. There will be a crisis in the future. By definition, the vast majority will not see it coming. Until then, too many are missing the period when "things kinda sorta worked out."

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