The Fair Land

We are in the Napa Valley after a harrowing excursion across the country and through the Donner Pass. The vast beauty of the US is shockingly impressive. Huge swaths of its citizens go about their lives far from the vacillations  of a 5 minute Spoo chart and opinion dominated "business television".

The story seems stuck in "Tapering" mode. Renewed speculation over a cut in IOER failed to include the introduction of the Death Star rate. I would venture a guess (possibly distorted by a morning tending the garden at The French Laundry gik) that the Nation has already moved on. The word that stuck out in reports I bothered to read was HALT not taper.

We are scouting locations for our West Coast operation. There is still a lot of hurt in the middle of the country and immense wealth up here. The Continental Divide is geographic and monetary. LSAPs make it worse.

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