GBPUSD – What It Takes For A Top..Time

GBPUSD 10/09/2013 update - This went higher than expected but doesn't matter if traded right meaning taking small losses on 240 set ups as top forms. Here's Updated look at Daily coming into trend line, with 2 sets of fibs. I expect a bounce and an entry near the trend line..screws the most traders if it breaks trend line then bounces back UP the other way. No matter watch the 240's.


And here is the weekly - held below the BIG line .. like a champ .. 15700 and 15500 about as far as I'd go with expectations..



Daily - another new high would not surprise.. but I'm building short entries on 240 chart - this has 100 risk : 500 reward and yet if it goes wrong can still make money ..I like that .. so plan is sell pops on 240 chart..expecting larger time frame's to rollover.

gbp cc1

Weekly - each of the RED top's took time ..but they rolled and rolled big. The red wedge line on top has held since Aug 2009 top. I see a minimum retrace of 300 pips and probably more than 600 pips into next month.


My world view could be upside down ..but don't bet on it.

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