On Graphic Representations

I'm the first to admit I don't understand charts. Joe is a flat out expert in the Voodoo and constantly affirms or halts my delusional prognostications with a flurry of technical analysis language. I rarely know what is said but I get the gist from the tone. When "240 minute symmetry" comes out, I pretty much know he just told me I'm an idiot.

Anyway, I have observed a few events over my years that manifest from graphic representations of the past, affectionately known as charts. On a EDZ14 chart (and a 5 year note, which we will be monitoring) you can see this: ScreenShot028

When the Eurodollar takes the 10 and 20 day Mov Ave in the same session, it moves 2 standard deviations. On May 3, you can see this was a significant change. Again, on June 19 -after a decent consolidation- the same action occurred. On July 10 the market "took" these averages to the upside. (Note the consolidating failed attempts from Jun 27 to Jul 4). A slight caveat here as the settlement close was 28+ and the market moved late, but that's back burner stuff. The 5 Year note experienced the same action on the July 11 session. Hooper had "turned up" 2 sessions prior.

The  2 STD number will change somewhat--this is the key characteristic of Hooper, like Eddie Vedder he changes by NOT changing--but the upside is roughly 99.43 on EDZ14 and 122.06 on 5s today. The 10 day has not crossed above the 20 day on 5s, this remains one of the fundamental triggers of the herd known as the CTA Community.

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