To the Graduates


Congratulations- you're now on your own. You are the first class to have spent your time here in constant communication with family, friends and strangers. You are the Alone Together Class. Unlike the Graduates of 30 years ago the inflation rate is minimal and equity markets are on the highs. Employment opportunities, however, were slim for us and are for you. Under-employment was a career step for us, its a limbo for you. You are 10 times more indebted for your Chicano Women's Studies degree than we were for our Economics place mat.

We designed the financial atomic bombs that the class a decade before you blew the world up with. Sorry about that. The world you are entering is the backside of the Credit Super Cycle. It's your job to do for us what we did for the Greatest Generation. All you have to do is produce the longest running economic expansion of all time. Here's a tip: Posting "selfies" on FB and playing Angry Birds ain't gonna do it.

Here's my advice: Get out of your phone. Engage as many working human beings directly as you can..everyday. Ask a ton of questions. Never pretend to understand an issue. Grow thick skin, fast. Fail. At all cost, smile and look people in the eye.

Since you entered school, the prevailing wisdom has been its better-and easier- to own the equity in the organizations you'll be applying at than to work for them. All you have to do is convince HR that hiring you won't constitute the top. Good Luck, we're all counting on you.


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