SP emini

1516.50 (POC) 1514.50 - 1510.50

Here is the new Hooper Model Pattern for the SP contract. Last week's close was 1517 so we are in an outside reversal "weekly down" (higher than last week's high-lower on week) from a new high for the move. The trap gap resistance is 10.50 to 14.50 and the POC (Point of Control) is 1516.50. Obviously, this is a significant week and Notes/Bonds were holding with 18 sessions of unchanged value. Whatever, if anything, is coming, hasn't happened yet.
The day trade, endorsed by similar closes in Gold and Silver, is for lower first then higher. We stress this is a short term direction signal and LFTH does not give a magnitude signal. Happy trading and the rest is behind the curtain.

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