Just Wondering

We never stop thinking about  market related stuff, it's a curse wrapped up like a blessing. Last year we heard the EOTW cheering and came away McKayla enough to say "Things would kinda sorta work out." As the election divided the country and flared tempers, we suggested everyone "Clam (a typo that became a movement!) Down." Now a brief chat with an old friend and mentor has me a bit twitchy.

The SP has now climbed back above the 2007 apex and 800 points from trough. The extreme and innovative tools employed (Central Bank Handbook appendix) were utilized under the cloud of "emergency measures." As my friend so directly points out: exactly what emergency is the Fed now leaning against?

One thought on “Just Wondering

  1. Lawrence Martin

    Q: Exactly what emergency are ‘they’ leaning against ? IMO: Its not an emergency clearly. Its not political. Its not even ideological so much. It is a fear (borne out of a lifetime of too much thinking about things) that what they have done so far will not prove to be effective; so more of the same must be done because, darn it, we know that what was embarked upon was the ‘Right Way’.

    Simply, its the fear of being proven wrong that motivates them (the doves, the Fed majority now).

    The result is (and will be for years to come) a monumental quest for a real rate of return in a ‘Sharia-esque’ zirp world.


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