Jack Lew- what I’d like to hear

Rough draft Lew speech:
I am honored to be asked to serve at the request of the POTUS and prepared to answer your questions. First, I think it is appropriate to thank the outgoing Treasury Secretary for the difficult, complex and controversial measures that he shepherded during his tenure. That the vast majority of those programs held together the financial system, facilitated its healing and terminated are a testimony to his rigor. Because of his success, my job, though difficult, will be far easier.
That said, the path before us will not be smooth sailing. The debts we have incurred will not be extinguished by high decibel rants to "just stop spending" or seigniorage slight of hand. Since no one (except some nut on Twitter named Fearlicious [I hear that guy is awesome]) is advocating we default, I suggest we begin my term with a focus only on GROWING our economy. The deficit is your issue, the debt is mine. My predecessor has made the unpopular decisions and cleaned up after himself. It will be my job, with your help, not to screw it up.

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