Q4 strategy? MOTS

MOTS:  More of the Same

Quantitative spread compression and volatility suppression will continue to push back against the more chaotic natural order of markets. The extreme bear market in hold times and attention spans allows for hyperbolic headlines of net change action.  The truth is most products remain in massive long term consolidation. The Bond is near its May levels and the SP is marginally better than that. Gold is allegedly on a big rally. Sorry, it was here in August of last year. Beans are a buck above 2011 but the drought sees them trading at the early July levels. Corn? How about Feb. of last year. The yen has been on a stubborn rally, back to July 2011 levels! Remember the "crashing" dollar? The Euro is 10 cents lower with massive crisis on the Continent.

Q4 strategy: More of the same. Don't believe the hype.

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