Today we will be force fed stories of a run on new i-phones like foie gras ducks. But this is a story about a different run. Run is a small Banda Island that had the luck to be loaded with Nutmeg trees. In the early 1600's the English had a jones on for nutmeg and mace that only an Iphone line stander could understand. Nutmeg houses and fine jewelery were crafted to glorify the precious spice. The nutmeg was more valued than the silver necklaces forged to carry it. The 17th century saw the land mass known as "Europe" advance in economic and technological terms at an envious rate. The Dutch Golden Age was enforced by a trading company loved and loathed called The Dutch East India Co. The English were jealous and nutmeg mania was in full run.

An amazing man by the name of Capt. Nathaniel Courthope was dispatched to Run to secure the spice from the Dutch. His incredible story can be read in Giles Milton's awesome Nathaniel's Nutmeg. Spoiler alert: The Dutch East India Co. eventually wins the struggle. In the 1650's Run was to be returned to the British. The Dutch destroyed the Nutmeg trees on the way out the door. Europeans found something else to idolize.  After a couple more wars and such the Netherlands (new name) signed over another occupied island quaintly called "New Amsterdam" to the English. That heavily populated island, and the long line of Iphone maniacs on it, is now known as Manhattan.

The history of mania is well documented. They all end the same way.

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