Venus in Transit

by kevin - June 05, 2012

Today marks the second act in the 2004-2012 Venus in Transit pair for this 243 year cycle. In a world of day trading, 1000 millisecond order flow and “net change” macro, I found something a little more “long term” refreshing. The passing of Venus across the face of the Sun aided the figuring of Earth’s distance to the Sun (and parallax orbits) and the size estimates of the Solar System. Pretty heady stuff for a thinker in 1639.

Fast forward 400 years and all that math and science seems a tad wasted if what’s left is a broken capital market and paralyzed policy makers. I doubt Newton’s thoughts about God’s belly button were clouded with calculations of how many quotes could be stuffed onto the head of a pin. That tiny spec moving across that bright orb could be home to someone looking back this way. Would our far away friend be amused with the chaos on the big blue marble? How could minds capable of figuring out something so complex be brought to their knees by something so simple? Venus will come around again in 2117…..maybe those Euro-bonds will be maturing by then.

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