Apple (AAPL) Support & Resistance Levels for 4 Jun & Hooper Trading Patterns

Apple has been the bellwether stock in the most recent bull run of the stock market. From it's 644 high it has corrected -17.9% at the 528.66 low. From its weekly support at 529, Apple rallied & Hooper  turned bullish at 537.36 completing a major swing into Hooper's  r.o. ( recalculate objective or extended objective) of 579.78 on 30 May. New trading patterns are recalculated, only when Hooper reaches its extended objective, (upside or downside). In this manner, Hooper is ideal for swing trading purposes with defined risk. Hooper 101

From the recent 579.99 high, Hooper flipped bearish at 574.05 and completed a quick downside pattern Friday at 561.81. Below is a freebie look at the current Hooper AAPL trading pattern. You can find AAPL, JPM and several popular ETFs in the subscription area here. For Subscription Inquiries go to contact section.


Support & Resistance Levels for multiple time-frames on the Cash Index on the annotated charts below. (Click on graphs to enlarge. May need to click a few times to get to full size)

Technical Trading Charts & Levels for S&P, Euro, 10 Year Note & 30 Year Bond are in  Hooper’s subscription portion of

Apple (AAPL)

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