The Bubble Next Door

So, what's bugging you? Is it Greece? Perhaps you've moved on to Portugal, Spain and Italy.? Not getting you jazzed, there's always Facebook. Do you have a lonnnnng term horizon? You may be looking all the way to June and elections or debt ceiling fights. Here's what we have on the back burner:

The home market in Canada has got a head on it that would make a cold Labatt's look flat. Toronto prices are the hot bed. Mortgage rates are hovering plus or minus a few around 3% and 50,ooo loonies is running a couple hundred per month. Sales are closing at well over ask price. The trend is to only accept bids on certain days..between certain hours! Agents are reporting 100,000 over ask bidding wars in the hipster hoods. Hey, hoser!

Meanwhile, Quebec-ies (not sure how they ref themselves) are wearing red ribbons in major education demonstration. Tuition is set to rise a whopping 75% over the next 5 years. Just think, if you can pay for your education you can move to Toronto and make it up in real estate. None of this makes us feel warm and fuzzy about our Northern neighbors who have done an incredible job since 2006. It should be noted that just because its frothy doesn't mean its ending. Spring should hit the Canucks any month now and the action should get warmer too. Greece is getting all the coverage, but we'll be keeping an eye on our largest trading partner right next door.

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