Health Care Ruling Dropped

Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, after watching the Solicitor General botch the health care case, has decided to fix the problem himself. Using the same methodology he uses to finance the deficit and capitalize the banks, Dr. Bernanke (his preferred moniker) will just " mark up" the checking account balances of every US citizen by the amount of the nationalized insurance mandate cost.

The CBO has looked at the plan and cannot see any increase to the deficit. Moody's and S&P said they would drop the US credit rating 3 notches if anyone cared but they don't so, "What the hell." Al Sharpton was against the idea as it "Clearly discriminates against the "non -checking- account- holding- Americans." Unconfirmed rumors that Rick Santelli spontaneously combusted in the Bond pit in Chicago are circulating.

In other news, Happy 21st Birthday to my daughter, Lauren. We'll never forget the date.

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