Last week a large number of pundits and advisory services were pounding the table on Tuesday and Wed about buying notes and heavily shorting SPs. We didn't see the fundamental case and Hooper handles the timing. Below are the 3 trades we did in the space.

Feb 16 Wed. Sell 10 yr 131.05 with a 6/32 stop ($187.50/contract) - Covering at 130.19 Mon. ($562.50/unit)

Feb 16 Wed. Buy Euro at 131.55 with a 1 cent stop. Selling out at 132.78 on Monday (high was 79). [ we are not huge fans of 1 to 1 risk]

Feb 16 Wed. Buy the SP between 1348 and 1346 with a 1342 stop. (apx $250.00/contract mini). Selling objective hit Monday at 1366. Roughly $1000.00 per unit.


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