Lenny Skutnick Day News

1) On this day in 1982, Lenny Skutnick dove into the frozen Potomac River to rescue Priscilla Tirado from a plane crash from National Airport. Lenny was a former burger flipper at the now defunct Burger Chef chain. There has been no sign of Jeff.

2) It is cold and snowing a lot in Alaska. Seasonally adjusted, its not.

3) Madonna states she "would not" kiss Brittany Spears today. A search party has been sent out to find out who. if anyone, asked.

4) Kazakhstan output was +3.5% and Dec. inflation up .3. Annualized growth is 6.9% and inflation is 7.4. The unemployment rate is 5.3.

5) The March Eurodollar traded 99.55 today. This is the "fair value" target we mentioned at Thanksgiving, these things take a little time.

6) Foreigners, Central banks and the Fed continue to SELL Treasury holdings at record pace. Under 5 years, the PDs continue to buy. This is a strong reversal of the last 2 decades.

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