30 Year Treasury Trading Levels 27 Dec

Support & Resistance Levels for multiple time-frames on the Mar '12 contract on the annotated charts below. (Click on graphs to enlarge. May need to click a few times to get to full size)

Technical Trading Charts & Levels for S&P, Euro, Pound, 10 Year Note & 30 Year Bond are in  Hooper's subscription portion of contrariancorner.com

30 Year Treasury Bond Mar '12

2 thoughts on “30 Year Treasury Trading Levels 27 Dec

  1. lwmaus

    Is there a writeup/explanation available that explains best way to interpret some of the chart annotations ? eg. App n.nnn, Ret n.nnn, EX Ret n.nnn Tks, @lwmaus

    1. tradingpoints Post author

      Hi Larry,
      I know we spoke and shared charts already (Check your in-box) on managing yesterday’s Hooper 30 Year Bond Trade – but for the benefit of others, Carolyn Boroden’s book “Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage” is how I learned to chart and interpret Fibs. and is what I would recommend to understand my charts.



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