Asteroid 57901

Chris Hitchens, 62, died yesterday in Texas of cancer. Many will note his passing with the moniker "atheist intellectual." I prefer my title, the chunk of rock screaming across the sky named after him. Hitch was a Johnny Walker Black tugging conversationalist who transferred those moments to paper. He called Johnny Black the "breakfast of champions" and that his daily intake "was enough to kill or stun a mule." Yet, his thinking was clear and his prose thought inducing. He was part Buckley Jr. and part Hunter Thompson with a splash of O'Rourke.

Hitch was not read by some for his atheist writings. His letters on cancer, pain and death are inspirational notes from the front line of the great beyond. The arc of Asteroid 57901 looks much like Hitchen's intellectual journey. Cheers, Hitch.

Oh, one more thing, the 10 year yield is too low.

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