OWS as Jihad

In 1995 Benjamen Barber wrote Jihad vs. McWorld. I was please to find out I had read it before President Bill Clinton and he kept a copy in the oval office. An updated version is a must read for those of us that are not pre-aligned to the left or the right. (It is important to note that "Jihad" is a much broader term than the commonly used "holy war") One of the important facets of the book is that democracy produced capitalism not the reverse. Thus, Occupy Wall St. is a jihadi movement as it attempts to push back on the advancing Western ideology and endorse a more traditionalist social state.

"In America, with people so cynical about their own democratic institutions to recommend democracy to transitional states...is problematic at best." China holds on to a mercantile regime in response. Europe is a case study in nationalist push back to a Supra-Sovereign market infrastructure. Civil society lies between government and the private sector. OWS should, eventually, open up in Washington DC. That event, should it occur, will define the movement as citizen Jihad.

I advise an open minded reading of the book. An important conclusion shows that neither "Jihad" nor McWorld have any intrinsic interest in fairness. The focus on fairness, or social justice, in the election year is dangerous. The middle, the citizens, tend to suffer when fairness is pitted against the institutions of capitalism.

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