Bull Market in Protests

PQ: Sleep rock thy brain - And never come mischance between us twain

Hamlet: Madam, how like you this play?

PQ: The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

W.S.  "Hamlet"

The streets of Athens and NY reflect a very simple construct. Things are not good. Here in the States we continue to stare at the capital market gyrations as an indicator of economic reality. As quantitative methods proliferate, this metric becomes increasingly elastic and irrelevant. High unemployment rates among young males and urban violence are logically aligned.  Conversely, those characteristics are rarely associated with the great bull markets of history. The Occupy Wall St. crowd is trying to form a philosophical identity since they came all this way and they have all those pizzas.

The Arab Spring was rooted in principles Oc. Wall St. attempts to vilify. 24 hour news and social networking keep the "activity" dialed up to 11 even when nothing's going on.  Our disdain for the long term obligations of the US government is tempered only by these ugly demographics. The only protest that is not gathering followers is the market. Day traders drop by and make a ruckus but then return to their hovels.  The real revolution is coming soon. Someone is not going to be made whole for their folly. Cue the drum circle.

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