The Lion of Panjsher

10 years ago, the Afghan date 18-06-1380, The Lion of Panjsher was murdered by 2 suicide bombers disguised as foreign journalists. Commander Massoud had spent his life fighting the Soviets and the Taliban in his country. Robert Kaplan, in his 1991 book "The Soldiers of God" said this about Massoud,'he must be considered one of the greatest leaders of guerrilla movements in the 20th century.' He and his men defeated the Soviet Red Army 8 times in Panjsher alone.

The news of the murder was mentioned in passing, mostly to blank stares, on the trading floor in Chicago as the date read 09-09-2001. The plot was carried out in spy movie form with deep cover operatives posing as documentary journalists smuggled to Massoud's hide out blindfolded. The bombs were hidden in the cameras. The importance of the hit was massive in anti-terrorism circles. The Taliban was about to become common lexicon in the States.

Two days later...

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