Fat Man in the Bathtub

Jaunita, my sweet Jaunita, what are you up to?

In the pantheon of bad visual images, we learned today that Warren Buffett takes baths. The amount of apoplectic ranting that transpired in the market before Warren's feet hit the mat was astonishing. We do know this, Mr. Buffett does not follow Mercury Retrograde or he'd of held off for another day. Coming on the heels of sad news on Steve Jobs' health, the beast that is the nano second capital market is on a rampage.

The truth is everybody needs to chill out in the tub a bit. The voices at the extreme ends of the spectrum continue to dominate the debate. We remain firmly in the camp that does not elevate blood pressure levels. Low to slow growth with plenty of market gyrations. That's about all a monetary regime in a debt depressed economy can generate. The political farce of the debt ceiling put us in "crisis fatigue" mode. Now the hurricane. I wonder if Warren knows the next line Lowell George wrote? "I hear ya moan, I hear ya moan."

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